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Newspaper articles about some of our programs

  • Lancaster Chamber picks #IMPACTLANCASTER Challenge winners

    At Camp Go Green, campers designed furniture from cardboard with help from teen leaders 

  • Breathing NuLife into the skills of teens

    On East Strawberry Street in Lancaster, a new program called NuLife is taking fire in the hearts and minds of both teenagers and adults. 

  • Nimble Thimble gets NuLife: Downtown sewing shop opens door to a program for at-risk women

    A couple of months ago, Schirlyn Kamara stopped by the Nimble Thimble sewing shop in downtown Lancaster. She runs NuLife, a social enterprise that teaches at-risk women to sew. They make items from recycled fabric — clothing, accessories and household goods — to sell online.

  • Lancaster summer camp teaches how to upcycle, design and dream

    On the last day of Youth Go Green camp, there’s a lemonade sale and time to hang out in a lounge before the campers go their separate ways. Look closer and you realize the campers made the lemonade stand, along with a lot of other furniture — and all of it was constructed from cardboard.

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