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dedicated to the social, economic, and spiritual needs of people and families living in Lancaster .

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is to create a mechanism to save/collect and Up-cycle the unwanted stuff before it gets melted down, ground up, or buried. Upcycling means putting old materials to new purposes.

This past summer some of the campers came to us saying that they wanted to know how other people could learn what they are learning. Camp Youth Go green organizers arranged for that group of kids to meet with a patent attorney to research their invention idea. They learned about patent documents, the U.S. Patent Office, legal considerations and the cost of obtaining a patent. We now can move onto phase two the patienting process and puting together the marketing material. Please support us by going to the sight below and makeing a contribution. Youth Go green invention patent https://www.gofundme.com/youth-go-green-invention-patent?pc=tw_dn_cpgnsharemore_r&rcid=r01-154560285064-372b6b81e89b4df7


The Core of Our Programs

To have the ability to look at any waste and unwanted product and create useful and sell able items. We help participants of our programs to develop a good arts and crafting knowledge and understanding of all craft methodologies. The core workshops, trainings and programs cover a variety of tools, techniques and applications of various crafts, arts and sewing and levels ensuring the skills to create unlimited items are obtained and retained.

Handz On Hope is the umbrella organization for Youth Go Green summer up-cycling and business training camp, Teen Master Recycling Training program, NuLife basic sewing program, NuLife @ Nimble Thimble the social enterprise.

Handz On Hope educates and involves the community on many levels by offering not only a continuous progression of programs, but an economic development incentive with skills training in all of its programs to protect the environment and teach STREAM in an exciting and creative way that relates to the community residents that the organization is serving. We believe that economic prosperity and environmental stewardship combined with different aspects of STREAM can go hand in hand. 

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